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Compliance violations can occur in many forms in companies and many major corporate scandals of the recent past could perhaps have been prevented or settled behind the scenes with intact reporting offices. With the coming into force of the Whistleblower Protection Act (HinSchG) and the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act, the compliance obligations of employers have increased enormously and the rights of whistleblowers have also been comprehensively strengthened.

From now on, it is not only regulated which reporting offices whistleblowers can contact. They no longer have to fear reprisals if they disclose reportable violations. Instead, companies must fear fines if reports are obstructed, reprisals are taken, or the requirement to maintain confidentiality is violated.

We answer frequently asked questions in our
FAQ on the Whistleblower Protection Act

We support you on your path to whistleblowing compliance.

Through our partnership with NAVEX WhistleB, we can offer you a secure and trustworthy whistleblowing system: Littler | Whistle Protect. 
This offers you the following advantages:

  • Reporting Channel: Employees can report suspected wrongdoing through a web-based landing page and questionnaire. The whistleblower can remain anonymous and the employer can respond immediately.

  • Case Management Tool: The tool securely and efficiently manages whistleblowing reports, which facilitates the receipt, monitoring and management of cases. 

  • Statistics and Report Generation: The dashboard provides an overview of current and historic data, status, alerts, performance indicators and in-depth analysis.

Your chance: receive information first-hand – act now!

Our recommendation: Establish a trustworthy whistleblowing system and also consider accepting anonymous reports as well as the processing of reports by an ombudsperson. In this way, you create incentives for your employees to use your internal reporting office and to refrain from going to the authorities.

What do we offer?

Implementation of the legal requirements

  • Review of existing reporting channels

  • Review and design of whistleblowing policies

  • Review and design of company agreements

  • Training of employees

Introduction of a whistleblower system

  • A strong partner with a secure and user-friendly solution for anonymous reporting and dialogue with whistleblowers: WhistleB

  • Support for the implementation of the whistleblower system Littler | Whistle Protect

  • Attractive conditions for our clients

Consulting within the framework of case management

  • Advice on cases in the context of labor law

  • Advice on dealing with whistleblowers who are not protected by law

  • Coordination with (investigative) authorities

  • Carrying out internal investigations and other necessary follow-up measures
    – On request: ombudsman activities, in particular classification of new reports

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