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First class restructuring management

The economy is under pressure to transform. Restructurings, reorganizations and insolvencies are the result. Many similar processes have to be managed in a short time. Legal and HR departments, external consultants and administrators are often overburdened with such mass proceedings.

Employment law project management

With vangard view, we help you quickly and reliably master large-scale employment law projects. Our legal tech solution combines data analytics, process optimization and reporting with easy-to-use dashboards. We create the necessary documents automatically and refine them with employment law excellence. In vangard view, we concentrate our many years of experience with large-scale employment law proceedings for you.

With vangard view, we accelerate processes, free up resources, create transparency and protect your reputation in the long term. After all, it's precisely in critical phases that you depend on professional project management to protect your good reputation as an employer.

vangard view guarantees more efficiency and reliability

vangard view is precisely tailored to your challenges. Your advantage: Optimized effort - maximum added value.

Human Resources Departments

vangard view delivers legally verified documents at the push of a button. This saves you resources and keeps you on top of things – giving you time for the people you need to attend to during this phase.

Legal Departments

vangard view supports the digitalization of legal departments. vangard view manages litigation, coordinates and monitors external service providers and provides visualized reporting for your management. Everything is at your fingertips: Deadlines, dates and the current status of negotiations.


vangard view monitors the productivity of internal and external parties. You receive all relevant economic data on a daily basis. Precise reportings allows maximum control.

Restructuring advisors & insolvency administrators

vangard view provides a precise overview of all figures, data and facts of the mass proceedings. It doesn't matter whether it's a refinancing, a restructuring or a transformation of the business model. Ensure maximum operational efficiency: vangard view not only collects data, but also automatically creates transparent dashboards – tailored to each target group.

vangard view – legal tech by award-winning employment law experts

vangard | Littler is a leading employment law firm - also in terms of technology. Our solutions are geared to the needs of companies with special employment law challenges. With vangard view, we digitize employment law processes and combine them with the negotiation and consulting experience of our experts.

From our more than 70 lawyers, we put together a team tailored to your project. Wherever you need us. With our offices in Hamburg, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Munich, we cover the whole of Germany for you.

vangard view is the result of excellent legal expertise, experience and automated workflows.

Where can vangard view help?

Make these and many other procedures more efficient than ever with vangard view:

  • Settlement negotiations

  • Reconciliation of interests negotiations

  • Social plan negotiations

  • Works council hearings

  • Employee discussions

  • Business decisions

  • Volunteer programs

  • Mass layoff notices

  • Issuance of notices of dismissal

  • Employment protection litigation

  • Transfers of undertakings

  • Transformation processes

  • Company pension schemes

Frequently asked questions

From which systems can data be imported into vangard view?

Whether SAP, DATEV or your preferred BI tool - vangard view can cope with almost all data sources.

Is vangard view GDPR compliant?

Data protection is a high priority for us. This is why we take no risks whatsoever, especially when it comes to such sensitive data records. All data is stored securely on German servers and is handled in accordance with data protection regulations at all times.

What does vangard view cost?

The costs depend on the exact application scenario, the scope of the mandate and the data volumes. Contact us and tell us about your needs. We will be happy to present vangard view to you personally and find the appropriate pricing model together with you.

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