Conflict management, mediation and negotiation skills - with us!

Conflict management
Conflicts are everywhere. Every day. Especially at work. Conflicts cost valuable life and working time, energy and money. Our goal: Prevent conflicts. Defuse acute conflicts or, at best, resolve them. Solve necessary conflicts proactively.

Mediation - it's the tone that counts.
The quick way to a solution. In a confidential setting. The parties to the conflict decide themselves, no third party, no judge, no conciliation board chairman. Creative and quick solutions are required - and possible. No one knows their own conflict - and the appropriate solution - better than the parties. The specially trained neutral third party accompanies and structures the discussion.

Negotiation skills
We do not hide behind positions. We negotiate based on interests. We separate people and their interests. Tough on the substance. In good relationship with the negotiating partners. We develop options for decisions and solutions.

Negotiation is what counts - Act now!
Act preventively through conflict management systems, mediation clauses in employment contracts, company agreements or collective agreements, (joint) negotiation workshops, (individual) training and coaching, training in labour law.

Act in acute situations through interest-oriented negotiation, mediation, round table discussions, moderated negotiations, alternative separation management.

Act with us.
We are lawyers, specialist lawyers for labour law as well as trained and certified business mediators with many years of experience.

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Thomas Griebe



Frauke Biester-Junker



Christoph Kaul



Matthias Pallentin

Our service:

Interest-based negotiation

  • Negotiating according to the Harvard Concept

  • Successful negotiation "with oneself"

  • Communication theory

Alternative separation management

  • Mediation

  • Shuttle-Diplomacy

  • Intermediation on behalf of the client

Training on specific employment law negotiation situations

  • Employment contract negotiations

  • Separation negotiations

  • Parental leave / part-time parental leave

  • Works constitution law

  • Collective bargaining law


  • Business mediation

  • Co-Mediation

  • One-Party-Mediation

Workshops on negotiation

  • Management and works council

  • Human resources and works council

  • Company and social partners

  • Managers and employees

Moderated negotiations, for example on

  • Company agreements

  • Collective agreements

  • Reconciliation of interests and social plan

  • Terminations

  • Employment contracts

  • Company/shareholder structures

Round table talks

Training and Coaching

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