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March 2023

  • vangard | Littler goes carbon neutral

  • Annual reporting of all emissions from 2021 / full offsetting

  • Concrete target definition and implementation of first reduction and prevention measures

What does a carbon neutral law firm look like? What measures need to be taken? What can be implemented and what is not yet an acceptable carbon neutral solution?

Questions upon questions - vangard | Littler is asking them and positioning itself more strongly in the area of Environmental Social Governance (ESG). In addition to its longstanding commitment to sports sponsorship and the promotion of social projects, the firm has set itself the goal of becoming a climate-neutral law firm by 2021. An interdisciplinary "ESG team" with employees from all areas of the firm is driving the issue forward. The experts from ClimatePartner supported and advised vangard | Littler in the first steps (status quo analysis, development of measures, development of compensation options) on the way to becoming a climate-neutral law firm. To compile the report, every kilometre driven or flown was counted, every meter checked and every piece of paper recorded. The result: In 2021, vangard | Littler emitted 280,040 kg of CO2 (the equivalent of driving over 700,000 km in a car).

The CO2 emissions calculated and recorded in this way form the basis for the development of sustainability strategies to avoid, reduce and - where this is not (yet) possible - offset emissions. But let's take a closer look:

  • Prevent

    We look at our own behaviour: Do all employees really need to travel to the office every day? Can company cars be converted to electric or are there incentives to switch to public transport or e-bikes? Is it really necessary to keep every file physically or are digital files sufficient?

  • Reduce

    Reduce consumption values and choose climate-friendly alternatives; carefully convert necessary processes in a law firm.

  • Offset

    Compensate for unavoidable emissions, especially business travel to court hearings and national and international meetings.

To offset unavoidable emissions, vangard | Littler has chosen to support the De Aar wind energy project in South Africa. This project aims to reduce the use of coal and meet energy needs with wind turbines.

Commitment not an end in itself

"Our goal must be to make our own contribution to environmental and climate protection. That is why the first step was to become aware of our consumption and then to reduce it through targeted measures," says Dr Oliver Grimm, responsible partner and member of the internal ESG team: "But we do not want to look only at ourselves. The implementation of reduction and avoidance measures also touches on labour law issues: For example, how can we get our employees to leave their cars at home and use bicycles or public transport? What does a company-wide mobility policy look like that takes into account all levels of hierarchy? These are questions that also concern our clients. And to which we provide legally sound and proven answers.

In this respect, the project does not only have an internal effect: vangard | Littler is convinced that all companies have to become more climate-conscious and draws on its own experience with the not always easy orientation towards this goal. With well-founded and optimistically realistic advice, vangard | Littler shows that sustainable management has a positive impact not only on customers but also on employees.

vangard | Littler

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