Company pension scheme

(and other topics related to the transition from employment to retirement).

The pension is safe? With a view to the statutory pension system, this is certainly no longer true for all future generations.

Not least against this background, the company pension scheme (bAV) represents an important component of financial security in retirement for employees. Across all age groups, and usually by a wide margin, occupational pensions are cited as the most popular social benefit. This popularity makes it a key benefit for employers in the context of recruiting and employee retention. In particular, it can be integrated into the company's other compensation and reward system and can be used to create and strengthen HR incentives. 

Opportunities and risks of the bAV

In addition to many opportunities, the occupational pension system also offers risks that need to be assessed and avoided from the outset.

For example, anyone who buys a company often underestimates the liabilities of the occupational pension system; they can entail considerable adjustment effort and extensive financial burdens. Changing and optimizing existing systems also plays a major role, especially against the backdrop of the low-interest phase, as external conditions can put a lasting strain on companies' financial leeway. It is also important to keep adapting existing and, in many cases, very old occupational pension systems to the current framework conditions and applicable law in order to avoid, for example, lawsuits by employees on the grounds of discrimination. Last but not least, it may be necessary for employers to protect themselves against unjustified claims and, if necessary, to defend themselves in court.

Our services

As independent consultants with many years of experience, our consulting services in this area include:

  • Comprehensive advice on the introduction, modification or termination of pension systems

  • Planning and evaluation of suitable pension systems

  • Creation of pension schemes

  • Integration of bAV into existing benefit systems

  • Harmonization of different pension commitments

  • Transfer of pension commitments

Analysis of existing pension obligations

  • Evaluation of risks and opportunities

  • Due diligence

  • Development of options for optimizing pension systems

  • Documentation of the bAV

Process management

  • In particular, also experience in the management of mass proceedings

  • Many years of experience in disputes involving all individual issues of occupational pension schemes

  • Advice in dealing with pension providers

Experience in involving the relevant stakeholders in the context of occupational pension schemes

  • Works councils

  • Pension providers

  • Insurance companies, pension funds, relief funds

  • Tax consultants, actuaries, pension providers, insurance brokers, etc.

    Supervisory authorities

Management training

Advice on further benefits

  • Company health insurance

  • Long-term accounts

  • Benefit systems

  • Cafeteria systems

Excellent interdisciplinary connections, contacts with benefits carriers, insurance brokers, providers, tax advisors, etc.

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