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– Labor law for hospitals, medical practices, healthcare centers and nursing homes

Labor law in the healthcare sector requires special sector knowledge. We have it! We not only carry out Labor law projects, but also have personal, in-depth experience and knowledge of the everyday processes of clinics, medical practices, healthcare centers and nursing homes. We always provide economical, creative and solution-oriented advice. Without pragmatism, the healthcare sector simply does not work.

The healthcare sector is battling a shortage of skilled workers, ever higher demands on employees and constant workloads pushing them to the limit. Hospitals run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Added to this, there are situations that can decide between life and death and therefore mental challenges, an immense administrative workload and the constant liability risk. Completely different professional groups in the areas of medical care, nursing, service and administration have to work together for the good of the patients.

What’s more, labor law in hospitals is shaped by public service obligations, profitability requirements, political/public influence and a high degree of emotionality. This is something we are very aware of, which is why our advice is not only excellent and people-oriented, but of course also sector-specific, economical and reputation-preserving.

Who we advise

We advise the management and HR departments of clinics, healthcare centers and nursing homes. We are already factoring in the planned hospital reform (expected from 1.1.2024), which is set to create transformation requirements that will impact employees. For potential mass procedures, we use the tool
vangard view.

Focal points

We provide support in all labor law issues that are faced by clinics, healthcare centers and nursing homes on a daily basis. Together with private, public and church providers, we develop modern, legally compliant working models that serve the interests of both employers and employees.

Special focal points of our work:

  • Staff rosters

  • Support in recruiting employees, also internationally, and in the recognition of qualifications and certificates

  • Maintenance of operations/wards

  • Classifications

  • Temporary work, in particular its duration and remuneration

  • Separation management

  • Empowerment of executive staff

  • The contemporary working world: innovative working models, free-form, independently developed organizations, self-sufficient, self-managing wards

  • Contract design for head physicians and other management personnel

  • Head physician departures

We are at your side, relieve your HR department and negotiate with the works council. We advise and support you in your cooperation with the works council and other employee representations using innovative methods. We naturally also assist you in arbitration and resolution proceedings.

Our services

  • Your legal advisor for everyday, ongoing and special labor law issues and relevant situations in everyday clinic practice

  • Negotiations with employee representatives

  • Strategic personnel planning

  • Labor law support when recruiting staff from abroad

  • Representation in all labor court judgment and decision proceedings

  • Handling of mass proceedings

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