Andre Gieseler

Certified Employment Law Specialist, Business Mediator, Hamburg

Andre Gieseler is salary partner and business mediator at vangard in Hamburg and specializes in litigation, co-determination and works constitution law, and data protection under employment law. With his thorough approach, he develops well thought-out legal solutions. Even in stressful situations, the judoka does not allow himself to be ruffled. For the best possible advice, however, he relies above all on knowing the people behind the mandate and understanding their perspectives.

Languages: German, English

Focal Points

  • Process guidance

  • Separation procedures under employment law

  • Operational co-determination rights

  • Works Constitution Law

  • Data protection under employment law


  • Business mediator since 2023

  • Certified Employment Law Specialist since 2021

  • Lawyer in a law firm specializing in labor law in Hamburg, 2018–2021

  • Certified data protection officer (MGDS), 2018

  • Admitted to the bar in Hamburg, 2018


  • Second state law examination at the Higher Regional Court of Schleswig-Holstein

  • Legal traineeship with employment law station in Schleswig-Holstein

  • Law studies and first state law examination at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg

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